Wednesday 27 February 2013

Estonian manors and mansions

Estonia is a great destination for travellers for several reasons. Firstly the nature is wonderful and all the four seasons are different but yet equally fascinating. The country offers a lot for the keen and interested traveller.

If you are interested in history and culture we recommend that you take time to visit at least a few Estonian manors during your stay. The variety is surprisingly large including grand and beautifully renovated manors such as Palmse and Sagadi manors in northern Estonia or Taagepera in southern Estonia. There all also small wooden church manors and manor dairy farms all over the country. But, sadly, due to the Estonian past, and especially the Soviet era, many stately homes have totally disappeared or are in ruins. Yet their parks remain and can be pretty enchanting too.

Trees of the old Vana-Kirepi Manor park in southern Estonia

 If you want to read more about the manors and their history we suggest that you visit this forum, entirely dedicated to Estonian manors: Estonian Manors Portal. It has a brief overview of 438 of the most interesting manors in English. The portal is equipped with the relevant maps consisting of one general map and more than a hundred historical parish maps. These maps together with the contemporary road atlas easily allow to find all manor locations.

We at Villa Ottilia B&B are always ready to recommend interesting manors to our guests. For example, the Sangaste Castle, the former home of the  famous "Rye Count", the botanist Friedrich von Berg, is only ca. 20 km drive away from Villa Ottilia. There are also several other interesting mansions and manors that can easily be visited while staying at Villa Ottilia.

The Sangaste Castle close to Otepää

Manors have always interested me personally. So it is no surprise that I have visited quite many of them. I have walked in empty manor parks and knocked on closed doors of once great manors. And I have visited renovated grand manors and admired their splendour and unique style. I have seen some really scary ghost manors and some that are badly in need of care. And, of course, I have taken photos of all of them.

A couple of days ago I made an album of all the manors that I have photographed on Villa Ottilia's Facebook page. The album is not yet complete, and I guess, it never will be, as I will always attach more photos as time goes by. When I write this the album consists of 
89 photos

And I proudly present a link to the album: Estonian manors and mansions

Feel free to browse and comment the photos! And more importantly, if you want to explore these interesting manors and stately homes by yourself, book a trip to Estonia! And while you do it, why not contact and stay with us! We promise to give you the best tips and directions

Hope to see you soon! 

(Below are just some of the manors that you can visit on a day trip from Otepää and Villa Ottilia.)

The park of Pühajarve Manor in Otepää
The front of Mooste Manor in Tartumaa

The stately Manor of Sillapää in Räpina, Põlvamaa

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